How to align an icon or glyph with text

What’s the correct way to get an icon to show up on the same line as some text? (For example: a check-mark icon next to some words)

Here’s how I did it on my home page:

I created a new div here because I had initially styled all of the icons on my site to be the same color. The new div allows me to separately style the icons inside of it .

“Icon-check” is the name of the check-mark icon I want to use. I already have the list of icons installed, so I know their names.

<div id=”mynewdiv”>
<h5>Status: Now Accepting Clients  <span class=”icon-check“></span>

SPAN is an in-line element. It’s what puts the icon on the same line as the text. If you want the icon to come before the text, instead of after, just place the span class in front of the text like this:

<div id=”mynewdiv”>
<h5><span class=”icon-check”></span>  Status: Now Accepting Clients

Remember to put a space between the span element and your text, so it looks good.

Now style it with some CSS:

#mynewdiv h5 {
padding-top: 30px;
text-align: center;
font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
color: #36e736;


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