Why you need a website

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snap-chat and Instagram are great! They’re fun to use and they keep us sharing and connected. They all provide a way for us professionals to present and share our work. So, is it really necessary to have more presence than that? Yes. All serious professionals need their own web presence.

Social Media by itself

Right now, you might be relying on just social media to showcase your talent, work, experience and ability. By using social media, you can definitely grow an audience and relationships within it. Your followers can learn more about you and what you do, and connect with you. These platforms are a great way to do this. There is a downside to using only social media to promote yourself, and that would be the “algorithms” that they use. Algorithms are basically a set of mathematical calculations that determine how your content gets displayed. They are changed and updated frequently, and that affects the way users see your content. Sometimes “paid” content has priority over un-paid posts. Entrepreneurs’ solopreneurs and creatives sometimes pay for sponsored posts or social media advertising, just to stay visible and relevant. This is one reason why professionals need their own web presence.
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Why You Need A Website
Every business needs a website. Here's why.
Diane Metcalf
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